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Free people search online

If you need to locate an old friend, relative, associate or lover who you haven't seen in months or years, read on.

People search is one of those search areas where the Internet really shines. If you know the person's name and some other identifying info about him/her, you can probably locate him via the Internet pretty quickly.

If the person is deceased, you can find that out, too.

But be careful, it's not as easy as just a question of Googling the person's name. You have to have a bit of knowhow in online people-search. Here are a few of the possible problems you can run into --

-Your subject has a common name -- Smith, Jones, Wilson, Mitchell, etc.

-Your (female) subject has gotten married and has a new name.

-He/she doesn't want to be found. Maybe the person is hiding from creditors, for example. It's not uncommon, which is why there's a huge skip tracing industry out there.

-The person is in the military.

-Your subject is deceased.

I'll suggest ways to deal with these complications later in this article. However, be aware there's never an absolute guarantee you'll find your man or woman. It's a fact that some people just can't be found. Most can, though, with a little informed searching.

By the way, did you know the phrase people search is one of the most commonly searched keyword phrases entered on Google? Every day thousands of people try to find someone, usually an old acquaintance, school friend, military buddy, or girl/boyfriend using an Internet search engine. Yet most never locate their subject this way. You'll only find him/her using a search engine if the person is noteworthy in some way -- has written a book, has their name on a web site, has been in the news, etc. Probably 19 out of 20 people can't be found just using a search engine. You usually need other types of online tools.

Free Online People-Search Tools

OK, notwithstanding what I just said, go ahead and run a quick Google search, maybe you'll get lucky. But even if you find someone with your subject's name listed on Google, are you sure it's the person you're looking for? If the name is at all common, you probably aren't. Identification can be a problem. Stop and think. What do you know about your subject other than his/her name? Do you know the city the person lives in or probably lives in (or used to live in)? That narrows your search down a good deal right there. What about date of birth or age? Either of those identifiers can be important if your subject has a common name. What about a former street address? That can be helpful should you need to go to more advanced methods of search later (as I'll discuss below).

If you subject has a very uncommon name, or if you know his/her likely city or even state of residence, you can try using one of the online directories.

Two good ones are, and Just enter whatever information you have -- name, city, state, etc. and give it a try. If you get a likely-looking hit, give him/her a call or send a letter explaining your purpose and that you're not sure you've got the right person. See what reaction you get.

But the online directories often don't work. For various reasons, your subject isn't listed. So what do you do then? Here are some other free online people-search tools to try:

- If you think he/she may be in the military, visit

- If you know the person's high school, try

- Is your subject into fishing or hunting (as one-third of adult males are)? Check to find out if he/she has a fishing or hunting license.

- Try a news search. For this you'll have to guess your subject's likely city-of-residence, then search archives of a local newspaper in that city or region. Just go to

- Check voters registration records. Again, you have to guess at your subject's most likely area of residence. Many people don't realize that voters registration records are public information, so even if they're trying to keep a low profile they can often be found in this way.

- Do you know your subject's occupation. Possibly you can locate him/her through his professional association or licensing board..

- Might your subject be deceased? Check the Master Death Index.

Telephone Techniques

If your online searches didn't pan out, you've got a hard case but don't give up. Try these telephone techniques.

+ Call the Department of Motor Vehicles in his/her likely state of residence and ask to have a name search run while you wait. This one's a favorite of private investigators and nearly always works, provided his/her state-of-residence permits this type of search. (California, among a few others, doesn't.)

+ Call his former employer and ask to be connected to the Human Resources Department. Explain that you need to locate the person and ask if they can tell you his/her present employer. Most employers won't provide this information but some will. It's worth a try.

+Call the utility company (e.g., the electric company) and ask the customer service rep if your subject is listed as one of their customers; if so, request his address. Be open about your reasons for the request. Addresses are public information, so the rep should comply with your request.

+ Call relatives and neighbors. You can locate former neighbors using a reverse-directory website like However, read the following section for a few pointers on how to handle the call.

Finer Points of the Trade

Skip-tracing is in fact a finely-honed art which has been around for many decades. Traditionally, it's been done almost entirely via the telephone by people who've made a profession out of it. Almost always, the purpose of the skip trace has been financial - locating a skip who has disappeared owing debts.

Although readers of this Guide will probably be searching for friends or relatives, not financial deadbeats, it's worth going over a few of the tried-and-true principles of skip tracing (e.g., people search), especially if you will need to use the telephone in your searching. Here's what veterans of skip tracing advise --

- When speaking to a possible source of information, always remember to start by saying, "I wonder if you could help me." This puts the person in a cooperative, nondefensive frame of mind.

- When placing a call to the skip's last known address, ask in a casual tone of voice to speak to him/her -- for example, "Hi, I'd like to speak to Bill." If the person who answers the phone says he's not there or doesn't live there, then ask if the person knows where he lives.

- Always strive to enlist allies in your search, say the pros. Be personable and courteous to a fault to whomever you speak. Never take an adversarial approach. Always aim at establishing good will and cooperation.

Points to Keep in Mind about People-Searching

-People searching used to be nearly impossible for the average person. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can usually find your subject in minutes.

-That said, not everybody can be found, even if you work long and hard at it.

-Always start your search in the most obvious, simple way. For example, if you know your subject lives in Minneapolis, just call Minneapolis long-distance telephone information and ask for an area-wide search. Or try a free online search service like,

-If that doesn't work, try to remember what you know about the person and then use specialized searches. Did he have a hunting license? What college did he/she go to? Etc. etc.

-Still looking? Try using the telephone techniques suggested above if finding the person is important to you.

-If you can't find your subject despite your best efforts or if you're in a hurry, consider using a paid people-search service. Even these are not 100% effective but they do have access to many proprietary databases you can't use and may be able to find him/her for you right away.

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Bronx Free People Search

There are thousand of people relocating every day from the every major city in the USA , to keep up with the we have customize a Bronx free people search query that you can locate any one in the five boroughs of New york.

We have seen that it is had to locate someone by phone book , so we made it easy , with a click of button you will get instant result in a detail report , consist of name , address , phone number and so on. Thousand of people in America have use the feature to find friend and family that live in the Bronx , Brooklyn , Queen and the other boroughs in New York and was impress with Freeworldpeoplesearch search result.

Bronx free people search was inspired by Kevin Campbell that have been looking for his family and friends that have relocated from California for many years , the holiday was approaching and he had heard from a friend that his cousin live in the Bronx for a number of years.

Kevin was curious where his cousin how for his cousin lived from , so he web online , go to free world people and made the most important search of his life , when he got the detailed report he was amazed how close his family members lived , he not only met his family members for the holiday but through a family reunion party to spark old flames..

Just like Kevin you can use free people search to customize Bronx free people search to locate family and friends that have relocated any where in the USA .

www.Free world people is customize to find any one that have lived in America , if you are an employer and want to employ people that live in the Bronx , Bronx free people search is customize for you , you can run a back ground check to acquire information about that person criminal history , last address and much more listed in a detail report that is easy to understand.

Whether you are searching for people in the Bronx Brooklyn or the other borough in America free world people search is for you , so what are you waiting make a search now...

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Cell Phone Number Search - How to Reverse Lookup a Cell Phone Number

What is different about reverse cell phone number search in 2010/2011?

You are really going to like the answer to this question, as it benefits you, and not the phone company. We'll get to it in a moment.

Assuming you are already familiar with what a reverse cell phone lookup is, this article will instead focus on what to look for, what to stay away from when conducting a reverse cellular telephone number search, and of course, how to conduct a successful search in 2010, 2011 and beyond.

First, let's kill off a popular myth: You cannot do a reverse cell phone number search for free - anywhere, anytime. The cellular providers (like Sprint/T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon - all of them) simply have nothing to gain by giving this information out. However, they have no problem selling this information to online reverse lookup companies who in turn get you the info you need - in exchange for a few dollars.

How to conduct your search

You always want to go with what is known as a "2 step" directory. This is where you enter the web-site, fill in the cell number in question and hit enter. This returns general results, like the state the phone number was registered in. Next, you decide between a one-time lookup, or a 12-month unlimited number lookup. Each service has a reasonable charge to it. In return, you find out whatever it is you need to know about who is calling you, your kids, your spouse or anyone else you care about (including full name and address).

WARNING: Not all reverse cellular lookup directories are created equal

Before you choose a directory, please use caution. An alarming majority of online directories provide inaccurate, or outdated information. They do offer money back guarantees if you're unhappy, but due to the small size of these companies, that can be a long and frustrating process. You want to choose a reputable company with a great reputation, that has been in business for a few years.

Finally, the big changes this industry has seen in 2010 is two things: Anonymity and cost. Due to strict regulations, when you now conduct a reverse search, you are guaranteed anonymity - no one will ever know that you did this search. In earlier years, this could not always be said.

Regarding cost - up until around 2009, conducting just one reverse cell phone number lookup could run as high as $45. Because of fierce competition, I'm happy to say that the price-point has now been pressed all the way down to an affordable 10 dollars (on average).

In other words, conducting a reverse cellular lookup in 2010/2011 and beyond is a very cost effective, convenient and safe way to find the info you sorely need, and certainly a small price to pay to find out who's been calling you or your loved ones.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Free People Search : How to find Friends and family members

Here are 10 people search tips and online resources for locating past friends and family members without paying someone to do it for you. With a little time, effort and creativity, you can locate a person without a professional investigator. If you decide that you do need the help of an investigator to locate a person, make sure you research the professional qualifications and reputation of the individual before you pay any fees or give any personal information to them.


Write down everything you know about the person you are looking for, including: past addresses; high school(s) and universities attended; names of family members; hobbies; last name(s); nicknames; job profession(s); organizations involved with, as well as any other personal identifiers that you can remember about the person.

These personal identifiers will help you focus your people search and will often help lead your search efforts. This information can be changed as you move forward with your search. You may also want to keep a list of searches that you have already used so you don't repeat your efforts.


One of your first searches should be free online white pages, like or Free white pages allow you to search using various methods like "city and state" searches; "state only" searches or "all states" searches. In addition, you can try last name only searches in situations where the person has an uncommon last name. A last name only search can also help you identify possible relatives of that person to contact. If you don't find what you are looking for online, spend a little money on paid directory assistance.


There are some excellent free people searches on the web that typically contain more listings than free white pages. These searches include , , and a few others. If you can't find a person listed on free white pages, you will definitely want to try these alternatives.


If you have a phone number ( but no address ) for a person or you have an address ( but no phone number ), you will want to do a reverse search to find the missing information. Most free online directory assistance sites have a reverse phone number and reverse address option. Two of the better reverse searches are located on and

You can also try reversing a phone number or address by entering it into a search engine like Google or Yahoo.


Contact any mutual friends, colleagues or relations that you share with the person you are looking for. One or more of these shared contacts may be able to put you in touch with the person.


Search Engines like Google and Yahoo make great people searches; but don't expect to just enter a name and get your magic answer. This is where the information you wrote down in Tip #1 will come in handy. Use these personal identifiers in your search engine queries to weed out unwanted search results and zero in on the person you are trying to find.


Online communities and social networks are big and people are publishing more and more information about themselves on these sites, including pictures, location information, educational background, professional background, nicknames and other personal identifiers. You can use these sites to find people with online profiles, but you will need to refine your search tactics, since most people do not post first and last names in online profiles. You may want to search using first names or nicknames along with other identifiers like schools, geographic areas, hobbies and profession(s) to locate a person on these sites. Below is a list of some popular social network sites.

8. BLOGS --

Blogs are the fastest growing, most up-to-date area of the internet and they provide a lot of information. You can use blog search engines like to search for people by name, nickname, address or phone number to see if there are any references to them on any blogs.


If you know of current or past addresses for a person, you can do a nearby search to find potential neighbors in the area, who may know the whereabouts of the person you are looking for. Neighbors will often know whether the person you are looking for still lives at the address or when they moved out and where they moved to. In addition, neighbors are sometimes willing to write down and deliver a personal message to the person's address for you.

You can do a nearby / neighbor search by doing a reverse address ( leaving out the specific address number ) to get results for the entire street. The returned addresses that are closest to the person you are looking for are most likely to be neighbors for that individual.

Two excellent free reverse address searches are available at and


If the other tips fail, you can always try your luck using the numerous federal, state and local public record searches that are available online. Some of the more popular public record searches, including sex offender registry; tax assessor; unclaimed property; professional license and business-related searches, can be found at under the "Public Records" link or try

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America Free People search

There are thousand of family member scattered in America and with the holiday fastly approaching we want to stay connected with family and friend where ever in the world they might be. This is the purpose why we create free world people search to give free people search to friends and family that want to re connect.

There are thousand of people that live in the same vicinity that know each other , but focus on their busy life , they dont have the time to look up where their friend and family members members are located , some times they are under their nose but they embrace the fact that their friends are long gone..

Free world people search give you the ability to look for your friend and family for any reason , whether you are going to get married and want to invite your pass collage and high school buddies or simple want to get in-touch with extended family member , you can run a free people search to find them all .

the future of locating people as change drastically , once it was by book , or send the word out to your grand ma with have knowledge where most of the family are located , phone book and many more tiring task to find friends and family members .

Now we have upgrade this task to one click of a mouse , and you will get a detail report of any one you which to look for. So run a free people search now to find any one you like you will be glad you did....

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Free People Search by Social Security Number

he Role of the SSN

Before specifically reviewing some of the tactics, resources and benefits that can be gained by performing a people search using a social security number, giving a brief history of the SSN and its use over time can provide a glimpse into what someone should expect when doing a search.

1) The role of the SSN has changed since its introduction 1936. Originally, as part of the New Deal, it was assigned by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to track social security programs.

2) The SSN is not entirely randomly-generated. The procedures for issuing SSNs has changed over the years, and a SSN can reveal an individual's relative age as well as the place where the request was made.
The first three numbers called the "area number" are keyed to the state in which the number was issued. The next two are known as the"group numbers" which indicate the order in which the SSN was issued in each area. The last four or "serial numbers" are randomly generated.

3) Initially intended to be used primarily by the US government, in 1961 the IRS through authorization of the Congress determined to utilize it for all tax purposes by establishing it as a taxpayer identification number.

4) The use of the number spread from employee records to school records, from medical reports to credit reports, and a wide variety of others purposes. In recent years, the SSN has turned into a standard national identification number.US citizens in the past were not required to have an SSN before the age of 14. Today, Social Security numbers are needed by children before they reach the age of one.

5) Understanding the potential danger and widespread abuses of using SSNs as universal identifiers, the provision in the The Privacy Act of 1974 attempts to limit the use of the number to those who exhibit a clear legal authority to collect the SSN.

6) Only in the event of identity fraud, stalking or with a court order, will the Social Security Administration generally issue a new social security number to an individual. Social security numbers can only be issued by the Social Security Administration.

7) According to the SSA, social security numbers are not reassigned or reused. When an individual dies their social security number is removed from the active files. The present 9 digit combinations of SSN's allow for up to a billion unique combinations.

Resources for People Searches using SSN

The reasons for trying to initiate a people search using a social security number can be divided between professional and personal needs.

Employers want to validate and perform a background check on a new employee. A great resource for small business owners is through a website and service called E-Verify. According to their website "E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

E-Verify is currently free to employers and is available in all 50 states. E-Verify provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers." To use the service, registration is required and the completion of a tutorial ensures the employer is up to date with instructions and other related materials on E-Verify procedures and requirements.

E-Verify verifies a new hire's employment eligibility, not his or her immigration status. However, as a participant an employer cannot use the program to prescreen applicants or verify employees selectively. All new hires must be verified while participating in the program.

Individuals using an ssn to people search, have interests customarily following one of four tracks:
1) Background on a Name using a SSN
2) Verification of a SSN
3) Confirmation if information is being used fraudulently
4) Beneficiary gathering information on a relative/person who is deceased.

Having a social security number to begin the process is an extremely powerful tool, and having a SSN accompanied with a name can make quite a bit of information available to you. Since most of the information is public record you want to begin your search with your city and town halls and other local and federal government agencies.

Most of these agencies usually have their own online sites that can be referenced for the specific information they provide. Although free and readily accessible, if you're trying to get information other than an address, the process can become fairly time consuming as you navigate between agencies and departments to get complete answers.

The alternative is to seek out the services of an online pay or subscription people search service. There are some websites that claim to give a "free" search, which in most cases are just a verification that your initial query has returned someone in their database that may match the person you're looking for.

If you're looking up a name and ssn or verifying an ssn the minimum results should return names, aliases, AKA's along with addresses that are associated with a Social Security Number.

For those looking to confirm or prevent the illegal use of their information, some companies offer a monitoring services to identify and issue alerts of any suspicious or fraudulent activity with the number.

If you are a beneficiary retrieving information regarding a deceased love one, a service free to you and also utilized by the pay services is the Social Security Administration's Death Master File. You can access the DMF at (The National Technical Information Service). This database has been authorized by the SSA as an verification tool however, you are cautioned to beware of inaccuracies. For example, if there is a query that returns no record, you do not want to assume that a person is alive, because records in the death index generally mean that a death benefit has been paid out by the government.

Do keep in mind, any pay service that you are considering using to find, locate or people search anyone alive or deceased using a social security number should provide the following features:

• Instant and Unrestricted access to lookups
• Printable Reports
• Private as well as Public sources
• Expert, knowledgeable customer support

Following these tips will ensure that you acquire the timely, accurate, and useful information needed to validate credentials, resolve claims and provide a sense of security.

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Free people search : Find any one you are looking for

Free people search is the best website you are looking for if you looking for friends , family member , old school mate or old collage buddies free world people search is number one in this area.
Free people search give you the luxury to search for friends and family in multiple format , you can search by name , phone number , email , address , social security Number and we don't stop there we also give you the result into a detail report so that it is convenient to you at any time.

Thousand of people use free world people to find friends and family all over the 52 state of America and haven't been disappointing.

Employers free people search have provide you with the benefit to run back ground check on new employee to obtain criminal history , even though you will pay a small fee if you want more in dept information our quality of service is spot on and the information that you are receiving is update regularly , so rest assure that you will be getting the best information .

Family members , free world people search give you an advantage to find family , friends and reunite them for the holidays season.With free people search you can search by Name , SSN , or last address to obtain information that are useful to either contact them to say hi or invite them for a family gathering.

Collage fraternity, you can reunite with college buddies to find out where they are and what they are doing now. Free people search have this in mind when created so we give you a Hugh advantage , you can search social network like face book , my space or any other popular social media network that your friend have a profile on , we will find it for you , just go to free world people search and enter the name of the person you are looking for and leave the rest to us .

Free world people search gives free people search to you all and we would like to thank you for using our services.